Public Lecture 'Liberate the Machines!' by Joost Rekveld (Research Group)

donderdag 24 november 2022, 19:30 - 21:00 uur
Nederlandse Filmacademie
Markenplein 1
1011 MV Amsterdam


In the context of an initiative called The Greenhouse, the Research Group of the Film Academy is organising a series of four public lectures dealing with artistic or practice-based research. The four lectures deal with the different steps in the process of artistic research. The first lecture was held by Mick Wilson on 10 November.

The second public lecture in The Greenhouse project is held by Joost Rekveld on 24 November, 19:30 about methods and experimentation in artistic research.

Liberate the Machines!

Joost Rekveld will narrate some of the wandering trajectory that resulted in his recently completed film "#59", one of the outcomes of a research project investigating the agency of machines. Extremely hands-on approaches to media archeology were employed in attempts to illuminate the dark matter that technology constitutes in much of contemporary culture. In his reflections, Rekveld tries to extrapolate the technological tinkering proper to media artists to a view of technology that is also relevant outside of the arts. The conceptual background of his most recent film is the knot formed by two developments from the early 1960's: the discovery of chaos in computing devices and the development of global surveillance systems as part of the Cold War. He will show that each contain a different answer to a question he was asking himself in his studio while looking at an analogue computer: how can we learn something new from an old machine ?

Joost Rekveld had film retrospectives at the Barbican in London and the Ann Arbor film festival amongst others, and in 2017 he was filmmaker in focus at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. He contributed to many collaborative projects involving composers, music ensembles, theatre companies and dance companies. He has been teaching since 1996, and he is currently a researcher at KASK School of Arts in Ghent.