Diverse and inclusive

Diversity and inclusion are high on the international agenda of the Netherlands Film Academy. Initiatives have been started with external parties such as Studio West and IFFR, but also within the Film Academy itself, where, this autumn, we are starting projects on such topics as unconscious bias. 

In January and March 2019, the Film Academy is holding a double congress together with the Internationale Filmschule Köln on the theme ‘Embracing diversity in European film schools’. Under the flag of GEECT – the European association of film and television schools – the congress will examine how film schools relate to major social changes in Europe and the world. 

More information can be found under Collaboration

How big is your world?

What is the current state of affairs concerning diversity at the Netherlands Film Academy and its associated cultural professional field, and what strategies can be used to contribute to the diversification of the academy's student population? This is the central question in the survey that media company Woodpack was commissioned by the Film Academy to carry out. You can see the results of the survey below. 

Requests for a printed copy of the survey should be sent by email to filmacademie@ahk.nl.