Internationalisation policy

The Netherlands Film Academy works to anchor and expand its position in the international field. It uses international collaboration projects to sharpen its vision on its own degree programmes and at the same time to strengthen its international profile. 

The international film industry is developing rapidly under the influence of the technical possibilities as a creative industry that crosses all kinds of borders. Both geographical and technological. A film may be shot in Asia, produced in Europe and funded by an American company, while the director brings in the material from the former film in high definition and edits it on the spot. 

The Film Academy anticipates all these developments, as an academy, and also in its level of teaching. As an academy, this means building relationships with relevant international film schools that go deeper than exchanging knowledge or arranging excursions. For our teaching, this development means that within the standard curriculum and throughout the entire learning pathway, internationalisation is being given a more logical and organic place than previously.

  • The teaching programme becomes more internationally oriented throughout the four years of the Bachelor programme.
  • Collaboration with foreign film schools in Europe and beyond is being intensified.
  • The Film Academy is assuming a visible and responsible position in the international field of film schools (CILECT/GEECT), in discussions related to the film field as well as administration-related issues. 

Internationalisation and teaching

Students at the Film Academy learn a profession, a craft. Collaboration with other specialists is an essential aspect of that profession. For this reason, international collaboration is also essential. Professional collaboration in or with another culture deepens and broadens students’ own expertise and insights. This can be a source of inspiration and provide an impetus to the academy's up-and-coming film makers.

Such collaboration may include reciprocal excursions, visits to festivals and exchanging knowledge in the broadest sense of the word. The academy's films are often shown at international student film festivals. 

By its very nature, the Film Academy's Master programme has an international structure in which students, mentors and lecturers from all over the world work together.

International collaboration