Hadas Neuman, Abhay Kumar, Viktor Zahtila

Monday 18 October 2021, 16:30 - 17:45 hrs.

Hadas Neuman - Two People will come with Balloons (Film screening)

Abhay Kumar - Grids of control: Examining deviations which destabilise the Grid (Lecture performance)

Viktor Zahtila - What is sex? (Lecture performance)


Hadas Neuman - Two People will come with Balloons (Film screening)

A filmmaker walking down the streets (with a camera in her bag).

A production mode and a research where Hadas explores different ways in which she can use unpredictability as a narrative tool to reclaim the spectacle of everyday life and incorporate it into hybrid works that blend documentary and autofiction (where autobiographical elements meet fictional storytelling).

a short experimental documentary
While her mother is undergoing surgery, the director documents the waiting process and whimsically examines whether she could control reality through the act of filming.


Abhay Kumar - Grids of control: Examining deviations which destabilise the Grid (Lecture performance)

‘The Room’ is an off grid desire machine - where lines between terror and pleasure, technology and biology blur.
Why does The Room exist? Who goes to The Room and why?

The only way to find out is to enter The Room. At your own risk.

No Photos on the dancefloor.


Viktor Zahtila - What is sex? (Lecture performance)

Viktor Zahtila proposes an alternative to, and confronts mainstream approaches in porn cinematography. He is working within the gay community, using the filmmaking process to explore gay desire, and reimagines representations of various sexual practices as something rooted in the natural world. Starting from a series of audio interviews, followed by filmed interviews, he tries to capture erotic desire through an experimental approach. He asked people to describe their partners or lovers in the second person, as if they were addressing them directly. This choice was also made to let people get used to the camera and to create space for intimacy where erotic desire can manifest, for instance in the quality of one’s voice. This also served as a step in the process of creating intimacy, before filming the actual sexual relationships. At the moment Viktor is filming his subjects having sex, using natural materials like plants and flowers, to visually flesh out the inner workings of sexuality, especially how it entwines trauma, fear and humiliation, sucking out its sap and transforming it into a plethora of kinks and fetishes.

Viktor will present a performance lecture in which his guidebook for more humane porn will be the focus.