Master of Film | Artistic Research Week

The Master of Film, focusing on Artistic Research in and through Cinema, is a process driven programme. Its focus on process is a necessary counterweight to the industrial film world that has a tendency to be product or production driven and understands process mostly in terms of necessary preparation for a product – to be quickly forgotten once the film has been realised. Such a waste! Because there’s so much in an artistic process that’s worth taking note of, worth exploring and worth sharing. Disregarding the process means losing out on potentially surprising and valuable ideas, insights and knowledge. 

The researchers graduating this year have chosen to connect their films in progress, installations, books and lecture-performances under the theme of ‘in process’, which signifies their profound understanding of artistic research as an attitude. An attitude that privileges questions over answers, experimentation over mere execution and long term gain over short term effect. This year’s Artistic Research Week is an homage to the process of the filmmaking practice. 

Master Magazine 2018

Master of Film 2018 'In Process'