Master lecture by Yuki Okumura on Thursday 14 March

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Thursday 14 March 2019
Markenplein 1 | Cinema, 2nd floor

Japanese artist Yuki Okumura will discuss how he has positioned himself in the process of his film making, and how he has staged lectures and interviews with simple yet particularly interventional instructions and employed them as materials for his projects tackling the notion of individuality that is defined by language and based on our physicality, where film’s very nature of framing time and space plays a key role. During the lecture Yuki will screen some of his work. 

Yuki Okumura (1978 Aomori, Japan) is an artist and translator based between Brussels, Maastricht, and Tokyo. Recent filmic, audio, and performative projects include "The Man Who" (2019), "Welcome Back, Gordon Matta-Clark" (2017), "Away from the Light of Greenwich: I Met On Kawana" (2016), “Who is Hisachika Takahashi: An Interview by Daniel Baumann“ (2015), "Body Contract (Exceptional Case)" (2014), “On Kawara’s Pure Consciousness, or Many Worlds (and) Interpretation“ (2012), "Remembering Unknown (Artist's Ghost)" (2012), and “Jun Yang: A Short Lecture on Forgetting and Remembering” (2011).

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