Spectral Glitches, Eerie Terrains & the Unfilmable - a master lecture by Dalia Neis (16/05)

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Markenplein 1 | Cinema, 2nd floor
16 May 2019 | 19.30h - 21.30h 

How do artists/filmmakers respond to immaterial forces and atmospheric phenomena? Specifically, what maps, methods and strategies are available for exploring what can be described as ‘haunted terrains’from urban cityscapes to remote environments, relics, ruins, and those psychic, ‘invisible’ frequencies beyond the physical dimensions of a place? How can an ‘unfilmable’ subject form the basis of a rich inquiry into representational strategies and creative processes without pre-conceived outcomes or actualized forms?  Together we will examine a range of cross-disciplinary methods and ideas circling around the question of the unrepresentable, illustrated through film excerpts, listening sessions and the discussion of key textsfrom the contemporary cultural theorists/artists Mark Fisher and Justin Barton’s ruminations on the ‘eerie’, the filmmaker/theorist Jean Epstein’s concept and practice of ‘Photogénie’, to the avant-garde composer/theorist Michel Chion’s notion of  ‘Acousmatic sound’—the artist/filmmaker’s potential role as ‘ghostbuster’ and/or ‘metaphysical explorer’ will be considered. Excerpts from Dalia Neis’ own films and audio works will be screened and transmitted alongside those of other artist/filmmakers.

About Dalia Neis
Dalia Neis is a writer, filmmaker, and sound artist living in Berlin. She completed her PhD on cinematic representations of wind and the essay form in Salford. Aside from producing film- essays, she is a member of the musical/poetry group FITH, and co-founder of Wanda-Portal—an imprint that releases albums and pamphlets that traverses the cinematic, literary, and sonic spheres. Her unfilmable script/poetry publication Zephyrian Spools is forthcoming with The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press.

More information on her website