New Team Master of Film

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This spring, we welcome four new team members for the Master of Film: Nduka Mntambo, who will take over the role of Mieke Bernink as head of the programme, and who together belit sağ, Diana Toucedo and Katarina Zdjelar will form the core curriculum team. Together they will give shape to the further development of the programme that according to the accreditation committee that assessed the Master in November 2020 ‘has a strong and unique vision, resulting in a characteristic identity’ and an ambition that ‘impressed’ the committee. This new team will start in September with a complete new group of ten researchers.
Mieke Bernink, the initiator and current head of the programme will remain connected to the programme in her role as Lector. The Lectoraat, or Research Group, aims to broaden the practice of artistic research from the Master and the VRAcademy to the Film Academy as a whole. The four new team members, who will be given time to continue their own research, will also be part of the Lectoraat.

While our new team prepares the first semester of the new group from September, the present mentors - Julian Ross, Manon Bovenkerk and Tessa Boerman – will continue to support the twelve second-year researchers towards their final exam. They will present the results of their journey during our Artistic Research Week (16 until 20 October 2021).

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