AHK academies proud of NSE results

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The results of the National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquête, NSE) 2022 show - just like previous years - that the students of the academies of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) are very satisfied with their study programme. There is a high level of satisfaction in comparison to higher professional education (hbo) students from other institutions. Of course, we also see opportunities for improvement.

Students of the AHK academies score higher than the national average on all questions. That is something which the Executive Board and the management of the academies are proud of. Just like last year, the students are satisfied with the study programme in general, the atmosphere within the study programme and most students would opt for the same study programme if they had to choose again. In the case of the themes ‘Teachers’ and ‘Engagement and contact’, the satisfaction is very high, with knowledge of the professional practice and substantive expertise, in particular, standing out in a positive sense.

Compared to last year, students are more satisfied with the study facilitiesIn spite of the high scores, there are sufficient bases for further improving the education. For example, we see a slight decrease in satisfaction within the themes ‘Examination and assessment’ and ‘Equal treatment’. These scores constitute grounds for devoting even more attention to improving these elements in the coming year. The academies of the AHK will set to work with the results and research in the coming academic year, in consultation with teacher and students, in order to determine how they can maintain the high quality of the current education and, where possible, further improve it. The Executive Board and the management of the academies would like to thank the students for their input.

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About the NSE
At the beginning of 2022, all students of the academies of the AHK were invited to participate in the NSE. The NSE is a large-scale and independent study in which all students in higher education are invited each year to give their opinion on their study programme. More than 1,300 students of the approximately 3,300 students who are studying at one of the AHK academies completed the questionnaire, a response of 41%. That is higher than the national average (34%).