SNEAK PREVIEW at SNDO Dolce Revoəl - ‘I created a tribute to a legendary artist’

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SNDO-graduate Paca Faraus about Gala Farucci: First Retrospective in The Netherlands

What is fact, what is fiction? Paca Faraus, graduate student of SNDO - School for New Dance Development, plays skillfully with reality in Gala Farucci: First Retrospective in The Netherlands. ‘The legendary artist will be present’.

Firstly, who is this mysterious Gala Farucci?
‘Gala is a fictional character, whose story intersects my own biography. The solo exhibition about Gala will be tracing back the many artistic and personal steps of the legendary artist, who will be present.

Can you describe what we will see in this exhibition?
‘Have a look at photo 1: Gala Farucci is walking through her solo retrospective, blindfolded. In this moment she approaches pictures of her past performances: her very first shows in community spaces in Naples, Italy, contrasting with performances in New York and Tokyo further into her career. Also, corresponding costumes from her personal archive are being displayed.’

The exhibition is curated by Collettivo Dolce Agonia. Who are they?
‘This collective was initiated by me in 2016. It is a fictive group of artists and activists thriving in their inadequacy. Non-conforms of all sorts form the foundation of the group, the majority being gender nonconforms, neuro-misfits and POCs. The group is supported by numerous art institutions across the world, sharing their views and interests.’

During the exhibition TANA premières, the new stagework of Gala Farucci. What is this work about?
‘TANA – “den” or “shelter” in English – is the staged research about the overlaps of coping mechanisms and pleasure practices. The work is accompanied by a live atmospheric accordion by musician Pussyfire. Three other performers and myself sunbathe and chant, approaching the pond, shining or vanishing in the den, coexisting with gusto. We move around in a peaceful and vivid ecosystem. Solitude is possible and encouraged, but there is constant support is. Our common field is magical.’

Can you tell us more about Gala’s shelters?
‘On photo 2 you see the different shelters that Gala Farucci created during her visual arts and performance trajectory: a soil pile in which she hums blindfolded, amplified by a secret microphone. A cubic black box in which she rests, broadcasted live by an infrared camera on a screen outside the box. A rotating circus platform where she’s blinded by powerful lights. Varvara, her loyal pet, keeps a protecting eye on Gala.’

Why should the audience not miss out on Gala’s retrospective?
‘You will arrive in a world where fiction, real facts and performing bodies manifest a hopeful future. You will be strolling in a biographical garden, with live performances, images, texts and costumes. You can access a rich and highly singular story, as glorious as vulnerable. From the exhibition you are invited to witness the live performance of five bodies subtly interconnected. The evening is rich and offers an abundant variety of elements, sceneries and emotions.’

Photo 1: Gala Farucci is walking through her solo retrospective, blindfolded

Poto 2: shelter that Gala Farucci created during her visual arts and performance trajectory