AHK alumni make themselves heard in the Kunsten Monitor 2022

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A solid basis for professional practice, decreased unemployment and a further increasing hourly wage, these are some of the results of the Kunsten Monitor 2022 in a nutshell; the national survey among alumni. Over 260 recent graduates of the academies of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (Academy of Architecture, Academy of Theatre and Dance, Breitner Academy, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Netherlands Film Academy and Reinwardt Academy) participated in this annual survey. The results provide insight into graduates' path to the job market. An overview. 

AHK alumni satisfied with their study programme 
The graduates are satisfied with the preparation for practicing their profession and they have a good basis for further development in their careers. However, they do feel that preparation for entering the job market and the business aspects of the profession could be improved. In addition, satisfaction of the quality of the teachers and the structure of the program decreased slightly. Also examination and assessment remains a point of attention. However, satisfaction on these topics is still higher than that of other universities of the arts. If graduates had to do it all over again, 73% would choose the same program at the AHK.  

More AHK alumni employed in the field 
Unemployment among graduates fell to 1.9%. This percentage is lower compared to the national figure for universities of the arts (3.1%). A very large proportion of graduates are employed wholly or partially in their own field of study (92%). This is a higher percentage than in 2021 (88%). The number of self-employed workers has increased slightly. Just over half (52%) report being self-employed in 2022. The average gross hourly wage continued to rise to €15.38. 

Annet Lekkerkerker, president Executive Board, reacts to the results:
"Interviewing our recent alumni gives us an engaged retrospective of our programs and it is good to read that our former students look back on their education with satisfaction. Their critical notes encourage us to continue to improve in the areas mentioned. It is great that so many of our graduates land well in the work field. Moreover, their hourly wages have risen slightly. A development that I hope will continue, because professionals working in art and culture deserve fair pay!"