‘De Industrie’ by Mirka Duijn (Group 2015) selected for the Golden Calf Interactive Competition

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'De Industrie: drugsland Nederland' is an online interactive documentary, consisting of a graphic layer that maps the Netherlands, revealing drug networks and presenting personal stories via audio interviews. At their own pace, viewers/listeners can find their way through the netherworld of the Dutch drug network.  

This research driven project is part of the NFF Interactive Expo in the Academy Gallery. The NFF Interactive Expo can be visited from Friday 28 September to Thursday 4 October from 12:00 to 20:00 and covers two locations: Academiegalerie and IMPAKT. ‘De Industrie’ will also be presented during the NFF Interactive Gouden Kalf Evening on Tuesday 2 October.

'De Industrie' is also nominated for Prix Europa 2018.