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Family Hour' by Mariia Ponomarova (Group 2016)
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Danya grew up without his father, a famous actor. After a long time, the two see each other again, on the special family day at the summer camp where Danya stays. The boy has rehearsed a dance and is extremely nervous. But his father arrives early and is not allowed in, so they are forced to talk at the gate. The short meeting tells a lot  about the brittle relationship between father and son, which is tested even further when Danya learns that yet another member has joined the family. 

'When the Dragon Came' by Stefan M. Pavlovic (Group 2019)
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The morning is still foggy, wet clothes serenely hang from colourful lines. Silence prevails when he leaves the house early in the morning. She remains behind with the children; the wasps eat jam from the floor. Short documentary about two people,  connected by an eternal timespan spent together. The couple have eight children and take care of their herd of cattle. The fact that life has not exactly turned out the way they had hoped is their mutual fate. Poetic story, showing how two people walk through the same landscape in separate ways. 

'Our Brave New World Sessions'  with Artist in Residence Vesna Petresin
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Do we actually still have control over the technology we are developing? More and more technologies are changing the ways in which we tell our stories. From urban and mobile to immersive, augmented and interactive. These sessions take a look at how they differ from each other, but also what their influence is on our world.

The Brave New World Sessions will be an afternoon full of inspiration and new stories  moderated by Dan Hassler-Forest. And a broad spectrum of inspiring stories will be presented by a number of panels and presentations: The Future of the Screen, The Real and the Virtual of VR, the Interactive expo and PublicSpaces.

The Real and the Virtual of VR (Vesna Petresin)
The power of Virtual Reality is that it offers the possibility to experience artificial realities as real: time and space molded into controlled reality. Vesna Petresin with her performance work have a strong signature within this medium and explore the medium in various contexts.