Film is collaboration

What story do you want to tell? Maybe you already see yourself sitting in that chair with your name on it. Or maybe you have a wild imagination and can unleash it in film. Regardless, as a director, you have a story you want to tell. You have an opinion about the world you live in. How you tell that story depends on your creativity, talent, originality and vision. If you study directing, you can opt to focus on fiction or documentaries.

Film is collaboration
Film projects are always achieved in close collaboration between various areas of expertise. As a director, you need to have unparalleled insight into every step of the process, from preparation to screening. You’ll be expected to have mastered a lot more than dramatic insight and creativity. You need to have courage and dare to be distinctive, but you also need to be inspiring and decisive. As a director, you need to be able to express your vision in words, explaining your motivations and visualising your intended concept. How do you persuade others to join in your plans, share in your dreams and your ideas? Once you’re in the director’s seat, you have final artistic responsibility.

Studying at the Film Academy means being trained to be a storyteller. Today’s media offer a wide range of opportunities and challenges. Obviously, the Filmacademy will teach you skills in traditional forms of storytelling. But you’ll also learn to make optimal use of the opportunities offered by the field we see today.

All students follow more or less the same programme in the first year. It is in this year that students lay a theoretical and practical foundation for the film profession. Along the way, you start to specialise in your chosen direction.

Programme details
Study load240 EC
Study length4 years, full-time
Language of instructionDutch
CROHO-code34733 (B Film and Television)
TitleBachelor of Arts (BA)