Visual Effects

No movie is made anymore without the use of visual effects. Visual effects take a narrative to a higher level visually. You can adjust the weather to set a certain atmosphere or create a frozen future, for example.

There is a world of computer techniques open to you in which you can tell stories. That world is literally at your feet, because there is close cooperation with international media companies, research labs and universities.

Visual effects is a specialization of the degree program Visual effects & Immersive Media.

With Visual effects, you will learn how to edit the image of the film so that the content of the story is enhanced. Together with a film crew you work on different projects in which you can fulfill the role of vfx artist or vfx supervisor. You will learn how to make a pre-visualization that will give the team an idea of what and how to shoot. On set you will make sure that the visual effects related shots are shot as well as possible. You will learn how to edit material so that the image you and your team had in mind is realized.

You do this with 2D image editing software in combination with 3D software. 3D software is used to create fully computer generated elements such as characters or worlds. These are animated and then you integrate them into the twisted image in a photorealistic way.

Programme details
Study load240 EC
Study length4 years, full-time
Language of instructionDutch
CROHO-code34733 (B Film and Television)
TitleBachelor of Arts (BA)