Developments in the field of digital film are progressing rapidly. More and more films use computer animations. Some people in the field view it as a threat to the industry, but the Film Academy sees it as an opportunity. Film and interactive media are an innovative and challenging combination. These media offer a range of new opportunities in film.

The Film Academy is the place where you can experiment with new forms of storytelling and new techniques. A whole world of computer options lies before you, allowing you to tell stories through 3D animation. The world is literally at your feet, thanks to close collaboration with international media companies, research labs and universities. Do not expect a traditional approach or well-worn paths if you choose this course of study. Neither direction is a clearly defined field and both are in constant development.

Interactive Media/Real-time Storytelling
This direction focuses on telling an interactive cinematographic story. You use real-time techniques to achieve the effect. The VFX industry already uses them to pre-visualise film scenes. These days, however, they are used more and more often to create interactive final productions. The VFX industry is not the only field where such techniques are applied; current and former students increasingly use them to create narrative and educational content for the game industry.

Visual Effects
In Visual Effects, you learn to create 3D images on the computer which are then integrated into live-action recordings made on location or in the studio. You become familiar with filming in a green screen studio and learn to use the latest real-time pre-visualisation tools. It makes it possible for film-makers to start experimenting with camera angles, composition, location, et cetera from an early stage in the process.

Artistic vision
In both specialisations, you work with the latest software and techniques. That does not mean that you spend four years just sitting behind a screen. You work closely with directors, screenwriters and others. How do you help shape their ideas and plans? And how do you present your work to them? It all gets covered in this programme. You learn to combine your knowledge of software with an artistic vision for the substance.

Programme details
Study load240 EC
Study length4 years, full-time
Language of instructionDutch
CROHO-code34733 (B Film and Television)
TitleBachelor of Arts (BA)