The Return Home

In a fictional scene, a young war correspondent returns from Afghanistan. The scene has been filmed in several different ways. As a documentary maker with no experience making fiction films, I wanted to investigate how much control I want to take when filming a fictional scene. I wanted to know what effect that control has on the authenticity and believability of a fictional narrative. The scene is based on the story of a young Dutch journalist.



Length (min.)

3x 6 min.


Country of production the Netherlands
Year of production 2011
Length 3x 6.50min.

Direction & Screenplay Kasper Verkaik
Camera & Lighting Tibor Dingelstad
Sound Kasper Koudenburg, Evelien van der Molen
Editing Pelle Asselbergs, Daan Wijdeveld
Sound design Evelien van der Molen
Production assistant Levi Wilbrink
Recording manager Paul Zomerhuis
Camera assistant Django De Groot
Screenplay advice Petra Lataster, Mark Timmer
Producer Tobias Wilbrink (nufilm)
Cast Michiel Bakker, Willem Bakker, Judith van den Berg, Tsilla Voet, Rebecca Boektje


XDCAM and Red

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