“Boat-people”_a deconstruction of documentary

Work in progress: “Boat-people”_a  deconstruction of documentary

The Master and the Giant // Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival 2015
Tuesday 30th of June at 1pm


“Boat-people” is part of a series of “live film performances” on

which I am working at the moment. “Boat-people”_a deconstruction of

documentary will take place in the cinema 2 at the EYE. It is the strong

and personal relation I have elaborated with the space during this last

few months that has inspired me to make use of the potential of this




The live engagement through a local disconnection in the film theatre

thus the “live film performance”. It has become the core of my recent

research process. It finds its origin in the necessity for me to bring

the missing bodies of the screen into the film theatre. It brings back a

contact with an audience through both a biological and spiritual act.



This term, boat-people, began to be used in the press to describe the

movement of migrants fleeing Vietnam by sea at the end of the 70'. They

fled their country for political and economic reasons on boats. Often

overloaded and with no security, these boats have made many victims due

to drowning, starvation and cold.




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