In the middle of the North Sea, on a red steel ship, fourteen men are isolated together for a month. Day and night, they sail around oil rigs to provide them of supplies. In this world of fellowship, waves, storms and containers, Frans, an Amsterdam sailor, seems to be at his best. However, the longer the journey lasts, the longer the days and nights feel, and the more it becomes apparent that something essential is missing in this male microcosm at sea.





regie directorMarina Meijer

producer Julia Schellekens

productieleider production manager Jesper Olyve

cinematography Martijn Melis

geluidsopname production

sound mixer Daimo da Costa

sound design, mixage sound design, re-recording mixer Christian Labib

montage editor Eline Bakker

visual effects producer Tim Groot

visual effects supervisor Tom Selbeck

visual effects artist Roel Meijering, Tom Selbeck, Eline Strijdonk

componist composerArend Bruijn


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