Dark Machine

The lonely photographer Viktor Prins is woken in the middle of the night by a phone call. A strange voice gives him a woman’s name for no apparent reason. As if by chance, Viktor meets the woman next evening at a party – and he has seen her before, but where? The more Viktor becomes fascinated by this mysterious woman, the closer he gets to answers. But discovering the truth will not be without its repercussions.





scenario screenwriter Sarah Offringa

regie directorSander van Dijk

producer Emeline Bakker, Julia Notenboom

uitvoerend producent line producer Dorian Eeckelaert

post productie supervisor post production supervisor Jesper Olyve

cinematography Gijs Wilbers

gaffer Tijn Sikken

production design Pjotr Laktionov, Laurie Michel

geluidsopname production sound mixer Daimo da Costa

sound design Laszlo Brinkhoff

mixage re-recording mixer Chris Labib

montage editorStefan Hickert

visual effects supervisor Roel Meijering

visual effects producer Tim Groot

visual effects artist Sjoerd de Greef, Jeffrey van den Heuvel, Yana Petkova

compositor Tom Selbeck, Eline Strijdonk, Becanti Wijnbergh

componist composer Stavros Markonis


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