Red Giant

A visual spectacle on the final stage of an evolutionary process. In Red Giant we follow the Earth to the centre of our galaxy. Guided by the laws of nature we are on our way to the ultimate confrontation.




Length (min.)



2D visual effects artist Roel Meijering, Tom Selbeck

3D visual effects artist Sjoerd de Greef, Becanti Wijnbergh, Jeffrey van den Heuvel

FX artist Yana Petkova, Eline Strijdonk

CG generalist Becanti Wijnbergh

visual effects producer Tim Groot

producer Thom Arends

postproductie supervisor post production supervisor Jesper Olyve

sound design Hanza van der Veer

mixage re-recording mixer Christian Labib

montage editor Stefan Hickert

componist composer Hans Nieuwenhuijsen, Arend Bruijn


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