I came to the Master’s programme with an urge to develop a visual language for capturing, in film, the perceptive creativity of the human mind. As a philosopher I wondered about visual thinking itself, which led me to research ‘self-image’ and ‘selfcreation through image’. What are the visual mechanisms of building an identity? Can we break through to the parallel reality of another person?

My research considers the social factors at play in self-creation and speculates about the possibilities of communication from one self to another. Can empathy be technically supported through technology? My experiments focused on investigating and capturing the authenticity of the way people behave or act towards each other, using different cinematic and documentary concepts and practices, including working with selfies. This focus on the social framing and forming of one’s personality led me to an attempt to make a portrait of my own generation.

(2016, 45’)

Digital Nomads explores a method of conversation and live performance in the cinema in order to establish an authentic contact between the audience and characters portrayed in the images, who are the representatives of a modern international, nomadic, precarious counter-culture, gathered around the techno music scene. It also explores one of my main interests in ‘technology as space’ and its relation to the political setup of the so called real space. The live mixed film also positions a documentary director as an editor, an editor of an inclusive archive of personalities. The Mix includes portraits shot in New York, Berlin and Amsterdam. “Digital Nomads” is an ongoing project. Next I’ll be exploring the techno underground scene in Cairo.

(2015, documentary, 17’)

Side Roads was framed from an archive of conversations with men and women driving along Polish roads. In this poetic road trip through the rural winter landscape of Poland, the intimate portraits of the drivers inside their cars or trucks are juxtaposed with grotesque architecture. Still frames capture absurd objects and people frozen in reflection about what’s really important.



Length (min.)



Julia Sokolnicka

Language  Polish
Country of production 
Poland, the Netherlands

Director Julia Sokolnicka

Cinematography Mateusz Woloczko

Editor Pedro Collantes

Sound design Kamila Wójcik

Side Roads was awarded Best Documentary at International Culture Film Festival in Los Angeles, and is now touring major Polish Festivals.

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