When Grey is a Colour

Is life worth living if all your days are grey? In this coming-of-age film, the young Cato is confronted with her elder brother who comes back to live at home after a suicide attempt. Cato tries to get closer to her brother, but he doesn’t allow her to. When she doesn’t know what to do anymore, she unexpectedly meets a strange man with large, white fake wings.



Length (min.)



screenwriter Saar Ponsioen
director Marit Weerheijm
producer Loes Komen, Eva Verweij
line producer Jasper Pol
cinematography Martijn Melis
gaffer Jurgen Lisse
production design Esra Ghilane
art direction Hanneke Wind
production sound mixer Jacob Oostra
sound design Hanza van der Veer
re-recording mixer Laszlo Brinkhoff
editor Fatih Tura
visual effects supervisor Tom Selbeck
visual effects producer Tim Groot
compositor Roel Meijering, Yana Petkova, Becanti Wijnbergh
composer Tony Molina



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