Ignorance Is Bliss

Lola leads a nostalgic and carefree life working for a traveling circus festival. As assistant to the knife-thrower, danger whiffs past her head on a daily basis. Lola is a girl without fear. But when news of a terror attack in Europe penetrates her bubble, fear truly starts to play a part in her life. Lola can't figure out how to behave. With her head buried deep in the sand, she harshly confronts anyone who thinks differently. But then she meets the blind trumpeter Christiaan. With his calm demeanour and magical trumpeting he reaches through to Lola. Over time, they come together more and more, but Lola can't let go of her worries. When she's afraid to lose Christiaan because of these fears, she has to face her fears.

This film was made in coproduction with BNNVA



Length (min.)



Screenwriter Nena van Driel
Director Muck van Empel
Producers Jasper Boon, Denise van den Hoek, Hidde de Vries
Cinematography Herman van den Bosch
Gaffer Michel Rosendaal
Production design Hiske de Goeje, Julia Klok
Art direction Elisabeth Ruijgrok
Wardrobe Kristien Lammers
Sound recordist Karlijn Hendriksen
Sound design Ruben Dekker
Sound mixer Freek Vrijhof
Editor Nikki Gorissen
Visual effects supervisor Aron Fels,Tommy Jansen
Visual effects artists Johnny Roek, Jorrit Schulte
Composer Tess van der Velde

Hannah Boer, Steve Aernouts, Abke Haring, Johnny Kraaijkamp Jr., Monk Dagelet, Marisa van Eyle




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