Kristians Prelude

Kristian is a 23 year old musician. He plays with his best friends in a band. But life changes drastically after he is confronted with a brain tumor. Music, friendship and his illness intertwine.

This film was made in coproduction with AVROTROS. 



Length (min.)



Director Winand Derks van de Ven
Producer Bente Mars
Cinematography Eveline Haverlag
Additionol cinematography Michel Rosendaal
Sound recordists Ruben Dekker, Leonardo Fontana Balparda
Additional sound recordist Tessa Fransen
Sound design Leonardo Fontana Balparda
Sound mixer Olmo van Straalen
Editor David Heemstra
Visual effects supervisor Tommy Jansen

Kristian Strik, Riet Albers, Jos Strik
The Naked Sweat Drips: Winand Derks van de Ven, Luc Jeuken, Stefan Kollee, Kristian Strik, Rick Veldkamp, Jimmi Vos


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