Phoenix 38

A man wakes up with no memory in a frozen world, dominated by mechanical forces. He is found by Nika, a lone survivalist. She decides to take the man with her and help him recover.
Soon Nika discovers that the man is a subject of the mysterious "Phoenix Project", subject number 38. The "Phoenix Project" is an initiative by ASOF (Advanced Science Operations Facilities), a privatized military organization acting as a totalitarian regime and suppressing the last surviving citizens of the world. The ultimate goal of ASOF is warming the earth to make it livable again.
Nika and 38 set out to find answers and become involved in the war between anarchistic rebels and the powerful ASOF. They are forced to make a choice. Is life worth living under the oppression of ASOF? Or should the degrading practices of the latter be stopped at the risk of the extinction of the human race?
Amidst all the turmoil 38 discovers a special force within himself that can help him in his fight. But whose side will he choose?




Length (min.)



Screenwriter Sem Schwengle
Director Sander van Dijk
Producers Thijme Grol, Julie Janssen, Yanick Pilgram
Cinematography Cor Booy
Gaffer Sigi van ‘t Schip
Production design Elisabeth Ruijgrok
Sound recordist / Sound design Daniël Berends
Sound mixer Anne Wolters
Editor Annika Albert
Visual effects supervisors Vincent Boudewijn, Ramlah Shehata
Visual effects coördinator Ramlah Shehata
Visual effects artists Patrick Blankenzee, Vincent Boudewijn, Tommy Jansen, Thomas Huizer, Sanne van Luik, Johnny Roek, Jorrit Schulte, Ramlah Shehata, Malon van der Toorn, Jonas Vonk
Composer Grace Chi

Dylan Devonald Smith, Jemma Moore, Mandela Wee Wee, Tillmon Galloway, Henk Bakker

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