Searching for Aliens

Why is the search for extra terrestrial life so alien to us all?
The Netherlands is a sober country, not much of us deal with the search for aliens. Yet it is important for us to figure out how we were created, since we are always looking for meaning in life. Searching for Aliens is a documentary about five characters who search for life in space, in all different ways. And more important; what drives them to do so. This film is based on interviews with five people involved in the search for extraterrestrial life. In addition, the characters take us into their world. We think it means a lot if we find out that we are (not) the only one in the universe. This film will show you a new way of thinking about our life on this planet, your own life, but also about life we may not yet know about.

This film was made in coproduction with EO/IKONdoc



Length (min.)



Director Eva Julia Manneke
Producers Jasper Boon, Hidde de Vries
Cinematography Abel van Dijk
Sound recordist Tessa Fransen
Sound design Daniƫl Berends, Leonardo Fontana Balparda
Sound Mixer Leonardo Fontana Balparda
Editor  Annika Albert
Visual effects supervisors Aron Fels, Tommy Jansen
Composer Tess van der Velde

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