At Midnight Plays A Dance-Tune

This film was made in collaboration with BNNVARA.

The news that his mother is seriously ill drives filmmaker Roy Seren into the night, further and further away from his everyday life. The memory of his former neighbour Antoine keeps occupying his mind. Driven by the mystery, Roy decides to go look for him.

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Length (min.)



Director Roy Seerden
Producer Felix Voogt, Charlene Vos
Cinematography Eva Heinsbroek, Casper van Oort
Production design Julia van Emmerik
Art direction Anna Dekker
Sound design Sam van Eenbergen
Production sound mixer Kristian Knoop
Re-recording mixer Marlous van Gulik
Editor Tobias Cornelissen
Postproduction supervisor Charlene Vos
Visual effects supervisor Thijme Grol
Visual effects artists Jesper van den Ende, Jurgen Hoogeboom
Composer Moritz Gabe

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