Seeds of Deceit

This film was made in collaboration with KRO-NCRV.

In 2017 news came to light that fertility doctor Jan Karbaat secretly used his own sperm during artificial insemination, instead of that of the agreed donors. Seeds of Deceit is an intimate film about two mothers and their children that are trying to live with this new reality.

This film can be viewed on NPO Start.



Length (min.)



Director Miriam Guttmann
Story supervisor Jessie Tiemeijer
Producers Thomas Mataheru, Mathilde Niekamp, Hanna Burkhardt
Cinematography Sjors Mosman
Production design Louka Hoogendijk
Sound design Max van den Oever 
Production sound mixer Koos van der Vaart
Re-recording mixer Sam van Eenbergen
Editor Lianne Kotte
Postproduction supervisor Thomas Mataheru
Visual effects supervisor Thijme Grol                                 
Composer Moritz Gabe

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