Till the end of the world

This film was made in collaboration with BNNVARA.

Marie is eight years old and loves her dad. In a world where playful dreams can suddenly transform into empty eyes that don't seem to see her, she tries to stand her own. A story about the strength of a child that fights for the unconditional love of her father.



Length (min.)



Screenwriter Jessie Tiemeijer
Director Florence Bouvy
Producers Eefje Helmus, Charlene Vos
Cinematography Eva Heinsbroek
Gaffer Joris Dorrestein
Production design Louka Hoogendijk
Art direction Lila Goeman Borgesius
Sound design Selle Sellink
Production sound mixer Max van den Oever
Re-recording mixer Sam van Eenbergen
Editor Mischa Lamping
Postproduction supervisor Eefje Helmus
Visual effects supervisor Thijme Grol
Composer Moritz Gabe

With Linde van der Storm, Juda Goslinga, Gino Mutunda, Fred Goessens, Mike Libanon, Elisa Beuger

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