Heaven Awaits

In a large Belgian monastery where nearly a hundred Sisters Norbertienen used to reside, now just three continue to live. Cracking a beer during their lunch or watching a sitcom on the telly are as ordinary for these retired ladies as praying or reading The Bible. As best they can, they get ready for the festive season. They entertain their families over Christmas, bring out baby Jesus' manger and toast their Champagne glasses on New Year’s Eve. A lighthearted, observational portrait of these ladies and their hyperactive Pomeranian, Skippy. How many glasses of Champagne will be on the table next year?

This film was made in collaboration with EOdocs.

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Length (min.)



Director Marlies Smeenge
Producers Roderik Dekker, Elsemieke Uijen
Cinematographer Mike Molenhuis
Sound Design Dennis Sanders
Production sound mixer & re-recording mixer Björn Hoogland
Editor Tim Straver
Visual Effects Carolien Bakker
Composer Matthijs Stauttener

With Zuster Benedicta, Zuster Bernadette, Zuster Norberta

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