No Man's Land

No Man's Land is a virtual reality experience about the First World War. As a user you step into the shoes of a British soldier and you come face to face with the dangers of a German offensive. No Man's Land offers the opportunity to discover the interactive world yourself. This fully computer-generated experience will bring you closer to World War I than ever before.



Length (min.)



Directors Richard van Brunschot, Rick Hulzinga
Screenwriters Bodil Matheeuwsen, Lorans Al Dandachli
Lead Programmer & Technical Director Rick Hulzinga
Lead 3D Artist Richard van Brunschot
Construction Manager Henk Pol
Installation Art Director Klaudia Schenkels
Animation Carolien Bakker, Emma Kiki de Vries
FX Cyriel Verkuijlen
Digital Matte Painting Juriaan Wolters
Rigging Rick Majoor
3D Artist Koen Olijerhoek, Anouk Regensburg
Sound Design Lode Woltersom

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