Em, Moreno and Kyon, three friends from Rotterdam, rob a local money laundering scheme. They feel as happy as a king and return home feeling content. But soon enough, their friendship is under pressure when they find out that money won’t solve all of their problems. 

This film was made in collaboration with BNNVARA.



Length (min.)



Screenwriter Bodil Matheeuwsen
Director Edson da Conceicao
Producers Yasmin van Dorp, Tessel Jonkers, Nicky Onstenk
Cinematographer Jeroen Klokgieters
Gaffer Bo Bolderink
Production Design Mijs de Wit
Art Direction Douwe de Jong
Costume Design Noa van Nielen
Sound Design Sofie van der Meer
Production sound mixer &Re-recording mixer Dennis Sanders
Editor Jip Walther Boer
Visual Effects Supervisor Juriaan Wolters
Visual Effects Artist Laurens Vermeulen
Composer Gabriel Milliet

With Dalorim Wartes, Yannick Jozefzoon, Jhamal Emanuelson, Romana Vrede, Joy Delima, Jerry Armah

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