The Underground

The genius but socially clumsy Napoleon has to track down a hostile gang in the tunnel system where his family reigns. His brothers and sister don't like him and Napoleon has trouble trusting people. But when he meets Rosa, he must learn how to let someone in. 

This film was made in collaboration with KRO-NCRV.

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Length (min.)



Screenwriter Mathijs Mulder
Director Max Everett
Producters Hester Breunissen, Yasmin van Dorp
Cinematographer David Koster 
Gaffer Dionne Cats
Production Design Céleste Ambre Coupez
Costume Design Milou Wegbrans
Construction manager Henk Pol
Sound design Mithras Cabolet
Production sound mixer Meghan van der Meer
Re-recording mixer Lode Woltersom
Editor Noëlle Mackay
Postproduction Supervisor Tessel Jonkers
Visual Effects Supervisors Max van Leeuwen, Koen Olijerhoek
Visual Effects Artists Rick Majoor, Cyriel Verkuijlen, Emma Kiki de Vries, Janneke van der Wel, Suleiman Alaoui, Anouk Regensburg, Alrik Wiggers, Juriaan Wolters
Pipeline TD Rick Hulzinga
Composer Gabriel Milliet

With Sacha Muller, Stefanie van Leersum, Gusta Geleijnse, Steef Verheijen, Joerie Widdershoven, Annebel Overbeeke

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