(Yet to be determined)

In (Yet to be determined) director Martijn de Vos tries to find the best recipe for leaving a legacy. How can you accomplish something extraordinary which won’t be forgotten? What does one need to get their own Wikipedia page, and... what should that page say? 

This film was made in collaboration with BNNVARA.

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Length (min.)



Regie Martijn de Vos
Productie Davide van de Polder, Yanick Pilgram
Cinematographer Sylvester de Bruïne
Sound Design Lode Woltersom
Geluidsopname Meghan van der Meer
Mixage Sofie van der Meer
Montage Tim de Wit
Visual Effects Supervisors Mike Jonker, Max van Leeuwen
Visual Effects Artist Max van Leeuwen
Componist Gabriel Milliet
Dramaturgie Chiara Aerts

Color Grading Laurent Fluttert Graphic Design Kayleigh van den Berg, Jelle ‘t Hart Productieassistentie Paloma van Veen, Fabiënne Jongenburger

Met Daan Bothof, Ciell, Bernd Schneider, Karin Swerink, Rosa Surachno

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