Peter Hammer

Peter Hammer

Master of Film

Peter Hammer is a documentary filmmaker. He studied journalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus and began his career in investigative tv reporting, exposing bad guys in primetime. Since 2009 he has been working as a director and creative producer in two fields: documentary film and cross-genre experiments with collaborators from music, theatre, and visual art.

He often works with a strong component of narrative deceit. As a filmmaker, he is interested in in the boundaries of journalism: what else can be understood by disregarding the often moral-driven conventions of the press and its conceited ideals of objectivity and truth. This leads to questioning the ways audiences experience trust and sympathy.

To further explore these ideas in radical ways in and through cinema, he joined the masters’ programme as an artistic researcher.

Previous education

  • Danish School of Media and Journalism (bachelor in journalism)
  • MGK (pre-conservatory music academy) Aarhus Music School

Selected works

Director (documentaries)

  • Passage (2017) experimental short on accessing memory – 18 minutes
  • Murderer on a White Horse (2016), documentary feature – 60 minutes
  • The Duel – Where’s Your Honor, Man? (2012), tv special – 52 minutes

Writer / editor / creative producer (documentaries) 

  • Gina Jaqueline – a Sugardater’s Tale (2017) documentary episodical - 4 x 30 minutes
  • It Ends With Murder (2015) narrative documentary anthology – 3 x 30 minutes
  • The Murder of Jannick (2015) narrative documentary

Writer / editor / creative producer / director (experimental tv specials)

  • Give Us Back Norway (2014) a coup d’état conducted live from the Oslo ferry – 150 minutes
  • Live From The End Of The World (2012) a musical ceremony in black tie for the impending apocalypse – 150 minutes



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