God was Here!

This film was made with the support of AVROTROS. 

A story about two shepherds from the same Romanian village, Maglavit. 85 years ago, one of them saw an apparition of God, which caused him to perform numerous miracles. The other shepherd needs a miracle badly, in order to cure his brother. Placed in a rural community full of religious certainty, the film focuses on the inner struggle of the second shepherd, who is torn between belief and disbelief in miracles. 



Length (min.)



Director Raluca Lupașcu 
Producers Rumi Kaul, Pien Maat 
Cinematography Lidewei Egbers 
Sound design Zita Leemans 
Production sound mixer Suzanne Boekestijn 
Re-recording mixer Burak Öztaș 
Editor Kim Meuwissen 
Visual effects supervisors Anne à Campo, Jurrian van Vuuren 
Visual effects coordinators Anne à Campo, Lennart Vulto, Jurrian van Vuuren 
Visual effects artists Golan van der Bend, Lennard Klaaijsen 
Composer  Soykan Soner 

Production assistant, Fixer Romania Mihnea Rareș Hanțiu 


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