Ursa Major

A polar bear dreams of playing the piano. He hears some music when he passes the concert hall and looks through the window. A professional pianist is playing a Steinway! He decides to go in and give it a go himself. Until he gets detected. The wander is angry with the bear for breaking in, but then he hears him play.



Length (min.)



Screenplay Melvin Stewart
Director Stijn Sanders
Producer Thomas Spiekhout
Cinematographer Yavuz Selim Isler

Gaffer Nina Mi├Ęge
Production Design Anouk Boef
Sound Design Zeno Hehenkamp
Production Sound Mixer Camiel Povel
Re-Recording Mixer 
Zeno Hehenkamp
Editors Stijn Sanders, Yavuz Selim Isler
Visual Effects Supervisor Stijn Sanders
Visual Effects Artists Bo Kamphues, Menno Weitmann, Rick van Soest 
Composer Manel Fornells

Assistant Director Shriejan Paudel
First A.D. Siemen Versloot
Production Assistants 
Kim Idsinga, Marjolein Joosten
Electricians Julia Oud, Dirkje Duwel

starring Tom Groentjes Fedja Louman

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