Bruno Hernandez

Bruno Hernandez

Master of Film

Bruno Hernandez, Argentina, 1979. Director, Screenwriter, Producer and Immigrant. Based in Amsterdam.

As a researcher at the NFA, he tackles his own barriers to knowledge and explores the limits and possibilities that cinema can offer to open a dialogue between memories by navigating the familiar cosmology of the past, present and future.

Bruno´s immigration and movement is the excuse for the connection with ancestors who migrated under absolutely opposite conditions. The body as a camera, the film as a stage for reflection, the gaze as a form of living.

Five TV Series Directed including Netflix´s first Argentine original series (EDHA) and first Rede Globo’s Spanish speaking original series (SUPERMAX), Co-Production between Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. One long feature film (8 SHOTS) released in theaters in 2016, nominated for Best Opera Prima by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina, sold to Sony International, winner of Amsterdam Film festival with official selection in: New York Colombian Film Festival, Durango Film Festival, Hermosillo Film Festival and many others.


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