The academy’s head of research (‘lector’) also serves as head of the master’s programme. The core of the programme comprises the educational team and a coordinator. The educational team comprises of a coordinator especially for the content of the course and three mentors, who coach the students individually throughout the two years of their study. Mentors are themselves makers of (inter)national renown, who have substantial expertise in their field, educational knowledge, coaching experience and a broad range of interests. 

In addition, the programme has a Board of Advisors, comprising Marten Rabarts (Head EYE International) and Simon Field (UK-based producer at Illumination Films and former director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam).  



Mieke Bernink | lector & head Master of Film - +31 (0)20 527 7472

Mieke Bernink (1959) studied philosophy and psychology before bidding farewell to the academic world to pursue a career in journalism. From 1991 to 1999, she served as chief editor of the Dutch film & visual culture magazine Skrien. From 2001 till September 2008, she played a significant role in the development of the Dutch government’s film policy, as Secretary of Film and Media Education at the Netherlands Council for Culture. Around the middle of 2008, she was approached to become head of research (lector) at the Netherlands Film Academy and set up a Master’s Degree Programme in Film. This programme started in March 2009. 

Apart from her work at the Film Academy she's member of advisory committees at the Netherlands Film Fund (until January 2013), the Dutch Media Fund and the Go Short Film Festival. In addition to countless articles, her list of publications comprises a number of books, which she compiled and edited, including the second edition of 'The Cinema Book', a standard textbook used in British film and media courses (BFI 1999) and 'Moving Pictures (Bewogen Beelden) by Johan van der Keuken (2001). She is also the author of 'Fons Rademakers – scènes uit leven en werk' (2003).

Kris Dekkers | coordinator Master of Film - +31 (0)20 527 7471

Kris studied General Arts / Women's Studies at the University of Utrecht and then followed the post-graduate training Cultural Management at the AHK. After having worked as a producer and managing director at various theater and dance companies, She started in 2001 at the Netherlands Film Academy and soon she developed that position to management assistent. In 2008 she was asked to help set up the Master of Film. There she has been working until now as the coordinator since the beginning of the programme.

Sabien Schütte | programme coordinator Master of Film - +31 (0)20 527 7443

Sabien Schütte (1977) studied painting in Florence and Antwerp before graduating in 2003 at the University of Amsterdam with a Masters in Art History. Her thesis was about film-installations and more specifically what happens when films are shown in the context of a museum. After graduating she worked as a set decorator and prop master for a feature film, a drama series and some commercials.
After a couple of years Sabien returned to the art world as a producer for the experimental art space W139. Here she was responsible for the overall coordination of the exhibitions. This consisted of developing artists’ plans, producing site-specific works, organizing the installation and openings of the shows. She co-produced the film Extras with the artist Dafna Maimon on location in Los Angeles, which was later exhibited at W139 as a multi-channel installation.  



Sander Blom | mentor Master of Film

Sander Blom (1963), graduated at the Netherlands Film Academy (documentary) in 1993. Initially collaborating with visual artist Mels van Zutphen, a number of experimental documentary and fictional shorts was produced. A shared fascination for science continues to be an important ingredient in their - often humorous - individual works since this partnership became dormant. These films are shown at film festivals as well as museums and art galleries internationally. 

In the past decade Sander, apart from being a director, became involved in various educational projects. Among his employers were the School der Poëzie (School of Poetry), the NTR (Dutch Public Service Broadcaster for Information, Education and Culture) and the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Currently he also teaches film at the VEC (secondary vocational training), Arnhem. In March 2012, Sander completed his first feature ATARAX!A. 

Aneta Lesnikovska | mentor Master of Film

After finishing her third year at the University of Kiril and Metodij (History of Art and Archaeology) in Macedonia, Aneta Lesnikovska traveled to the Netherlands and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Audiovisual Design and New Media). Short after her graduation she got actively involved in the European film and media art scene, having numerous expositions of her video and new media installations. Among others, her work was exposed at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

After focusing on developing her film directing and production skills, through the North by Northwest/East of Eden Media programme, her full-length mockumentary 'Does it hurt? First Balkan Dogma' was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus; got nominated for a Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and won the Special Jury Award for innovative filmmaking at the Bermuda International Film Festival. The film was in competition at major festivals around the world (Buenos Aires, Taipei, Barcelona, Brussels, Durban etc).

In 2010, Lesnikovska established the transmedia production platform and within it she is developing the transmedia project 'LOUD'. The project was selected for Cinemart and the Berlinale Market and got development support from MEDIA, the Macedonian Film Fund and the Dutch Film Fund.

Recently, Lesnikovska has been teaching digital film at Institute of Arts ArtEZ and transmedia production at the Film Academy's Master Department. She was a script doctor at the Sarajevo Talent Campus and a jury member on several film and crossmedia/transmedia festivals. She is a co-founder of the DIY digital distribution platform The Film Trust in collaboration with The Film Collaborative, USA and the Rights Stuff and Binger Filmlab. As of May 2013, she is a mentor at the Film Academy's Master's Degree Programme.

Wineke van Muiswinkel | mentor Master of Film