Master of Film Lecture: alumni Bram Loogman & Pablo Núñez - Found Footage Filmmaking for the data-driven age (Tuesday 15 Nov)

Tuesday 15 November 2016, 19:30 - 22:00 hrs.

“I certainly hope that you have not become robots, but on the contrary that you have become very humanised”
Jean Cocteau speaks to the year 2000 (1962)

There are rumours that Silicon Valley will soon start producing fiction films entirely created by software which performs artistic decisions based on the number of times you blink your eyes.

Experimental filmmakers Bram Loogman and Pablo Núñez speculate over this absurd forecast through the creation of Jan Bot, a filmmaking program that hacks into AI technologies for the creation of found footage films.

In collaboration with EYE Film Institute, Jan Bot recycles and actualizes films from Bits & Pieces, EYE’s unique collection of orphan footage. Inspired by trending news of the day Jan Bot generates vast volumes of algorithmically edited micro-length fictions.

Jan Bot is currently in preproduction and is expected to go live in 2017. This presentation will show work-in-progress, including research materials and a number of prototypes.

Cinema is dead, long live cinema! Come and join us to celebrate.

Bram Loogman has almost 10 years experience working in film, programming, art and design, often combining these disciplines.

Pablo Núñez is a filmmaker of offline and online projects. His work inquires the intersections between documentary film and its assimilation in online culture.

Bram and Pablo are alumni from the Master of Film (2015).