Linda Aronson guest lecturer at Filmacademy

The Filmacademy's Master Film and Scenario departments will be hosting Linda Aronson's two-day course on how to write non-linear and multi-strand screenplays.

Linda Aronson is the first person to provide practical guidelines on how to write a wide range of non-linear and multi-story films which do not fit the conventional ‘one hero on a single journey’ model and use techniques like flashback and multiple protagonists. Her book Screenwriting Updated: New and Conventional Ways of Writing for the Screen, in which these theories are set out, is now required reading at many film schools in the USA, UK and continental Europe, including NYU. Linda's theories of how to construct parallel narrative have also been taken up by games writers in the UK and USA as tools in constructing the new generation of video games.

Linda has isolated six different types of non-linear /parallel narrative films and provides practical tools for the construction of each.  The six forms  are: Flashback, Tandem, Sequential, Multiple Protagonist, Double Journey and Fractured Tandem.  She explains how each form relies on splitting up, multiplying or truncating the basic three act structure of traditional screenwriting - all according to predictable patterns.  She provides practical guidelines for writing in each form by reference to over eighty films from a range of countries.

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Linda Aronson