Public Lecture: 'Landscapes of Resistance' by Marta Popivoda - 21 september 2022

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We invite you to join our public lecture Landscapes of Resistance by Marta Popivoda on the 21st of September at 19:30.

RSVP via this link.

Marta Popivoda is a filmmaker, artist and researcher living and working between Belgrade and Berlin. The main concerns in her work are the tensions between memory, history, and ideology, as well as the relations between collective and individual bodies. Popivoda approaches them from a feminist and queer perspective.

For many years, Popivoda has been specifically interested in the antifascist and feminist potentialities of the Yugoslav socialist project. In her recent work, she uses landscape dramaturgy, feminist storytelling and radical slowness principles to produce verbal-images or scenes of (antifascist) memory.

Her second feature-length experimental documentary Landscapes of Resistance (95’, 2021) which premiered last year in the Tiger Competition of the IFFR traces a journey through the memories of antifascist fighter Sonja (97), one of the first women Partisans in Yugoslavia, who was also among the leaders of the Resistance movement at Auschwitz. The film makes her story travel through time towards the bodies of a new generation of antifascists, suggesting that it is always possible to think and practice resistance.