About the VR Academy

At the VRAcademy, students from all academies of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) can learn about the latest techniques such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, motion capture, interactive visuals and spatial audio. Students develop concepts outside established structures and explore what these techniques can mean for their own field.

Interdisciplinary collaboration within the AHK
The VRAcademy is an initiative of the Netherlands Film Academy (Visual Effects & Immersive Media). The VRAcademy started in 2017 with the aim of promoting innovation and cross-pollination between the academies of the AHK.

Students develop concepts outside established structures and explore what new techniques within their own field can do for them. They can collaborate interdisciplinarily with students from other academies during workshops and within the VRSpace. The VRAcademy thus explores within the AHK how these techniques and media can lead to new art forms, and their potential to transform art education itself.

Collaboration with Immersive Media (Netherlands Film Academy)
With the recent launch of the four-year Immersive Media (IM) course at the Film Academy and the opportunities for collaboration with it, the VRAcademy will be able to initiate more and more workshops and projects. The curriculum of this course will start to include many VRAcademy collaborations and encourage students to engage in interdisciplinary collaborations in VRSpace.

The VRAcademy is housed at and is part of the Marineterrein, where innovators, researchers pioneer education and companies are housed together.