Team VR Academy

Nikki van Sprundel | teacher Immersive Media & VRAcademy

Since 2017, Nikki van Sprundel worked as a guest lecturer in VR at the Film Academy, and later on also at the Academy of Theater and Dance. In 2019 she started working at the VRAcademy, where she is building a VR curriculum within the Amsterdam School of the Arts, next to giving her classes. In addition, she is an experimental, investigative and conceptual VR director and Head of Content for VR Days Europe.

Jilt van Moorst | teacher Visual effects & Immersive media

After studying Interaction Design (HKU), Jilt started working as a creative technologist. In addition to the technical realization and programming of many interactive installations, games and applications, he is also active as an audiovisual artist. Through his self-developed VJ software Flowmotion, he started working for Phillips, where he worked a lot with 3D. He is also active in the film industry – Jilt collaborated with directors Peter Greenaway and Roland Emmerich, among others. He has been working at the Film Academy since 2004.