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Master of Film Lecture Series: The making of 'One Hand Clapping', Peter Delpeut & Menno Otten

Wednesday 16 April 2014, 19:30 - 21:30 hrs.
Nederlandse Filmacademie
Markenplein 1
1011 MV Amsterdam

The making of 'One Hand Clapping', found choreography installation and film | Peter Delpeut & Menno Otten

'One Hand Clapping' is a five screen video installation as well as a short dance film in which the hands of five chief conductors of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra perform a dazzling dance. The hands are taken from concert registrations, mostly 400% to 500% enlargements of the original footage. The five screens, as well as the frame enlargements confronted Peter Delpeut and Menno Otten (editing) with huge artistic and technical challenges.
In their lecture Delpeut and Otten will give insights in both processes, focussing on the difference between installation (being monumental and silent) and film (forcing a narrative structure and having a sound track). 
'One Hand Clapping' is a so called found choreography: found footage made into dance. Delpeut wrote a undefinedblog on found choreography for dance film festival Cinedans, with many examples of and ideas on this new genre of dance film.

Peter Delpeut (1956) is a filmmaker and writer. From 1988 tot 1995 he was programmer and deputy director of the Netherlands Filmmuseum (now EYE). He makes films in many genres: found footage ('Lyrical Nitrate'; 'Diva dolorosa'), documentaries ('In Loving Memory'; 'Immer Fernweh') and features ('The Forbidden Quest'; 'Felice…Felice…').
He writes novels ('Het vergeten seizoen'; 'Kruisverhoor') and traveling essays ('De grote bocht'; 'In de woestijn fiets je niet'). His essays on film and other arts are published in several magazines. They were compiled in 'Pleidooi voor het treuzelen'.
In 1993 he shot the short dance film 'E pur si muove', in collaboration with choreographers duo LeineRoebana. In 2012 the three of them also produced a dance video installation for De Lakenhal in Leiden. In collaboration with Menno Otten, Delpeut wants to develop new found footage installations. Their first official duo presentation 'Sisyphus' can be seen at the undefinedEYE Film Institute from 12 March 2014.

Menno Otten (1984) made the award-winning documentaries 'Nightwatcher' and 'Time within Time', while being a student at the Netherlands Film Academy. Recently he premiered his new documentary undefined'Via Dolorosa' at the IDFA 2013. Currently he’s developing a new documentary for the VPRO.
After graduating from film school Otten worked on several multi screen installations, most recently for an exposition of The National Film and Sound Archive. Otten’s installations focus mainly on re-using and experimenting with found footage.
In 2013 Otten founded his studio InnerVisions, focusing on experimental installations and art-projects. InnerVisions produced a series of “Living Paintings”, shedding “new light” on old Dutch masters and bringing them to life in a way that has never been seen before. The first one will be released early 2014.



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