The Greenhouse Programme

The Greenhouse Programme is an initiative to allow teachers and guest teachers at the Film Academy to undertake their own research project. This initiative, called The Greenhouse, provides the context, support and finance for a group of 5 participants, or projects, to first work on their ideas and then to execute or further develop their research proposals.  

The Greenhouse is a place for questions and ideas that call for research. Questions and ideas that come "from the bottom up," and are not determined "from the top down" by a fixed research agenda. As befits a greenhouse, the Greenhouse programme creates opportunities for growth and development. It creates the conditions under which teachers and guest teachers can get started with their research interests that are rooted in the practice of their filmmaking and/or teaching. The form or approach is also up to the applicants.. It may be artistic research, but it can equally well be technical or technological research, or pedagogical or theoretical research. It may involve experimentation, reflection or design, or a combination thereof. It can be done alone or with others.  

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