Events during Eyal Sivan's residency at the Master of Film department at the Film Academy.

Screening of 'The Specialist - portrait of a modern criminal' 

Tuesday 13 November, 19.30 hrs
Filmacademy Cinema

Followed by a Q&A with the maker (moderator: Mieke Bernink). 'The Specialist' is a film about the famous Eichmann trial in jerusalem in 1961 and consists entirely of film and sound footage that was recorded at the time. As Sivan hastake quite a few liberties with respect to the original material 'The Specialist' is a highly controversial film.

IDFA Industry Panel ‘Found footage in the YouTube era’

Thursday 15 November, 15:00 - 17:00 hrs
De Engelenbak, Nes 71, Amsterdam

NBF, Mediafonds and NFTA in collaboration with IDFA will be organising a panel discussion on the rise of online footage from unstable areas in the world and the role of documentary filmmakers. What are the consequences of the availability of countless YouTube videos for these authors? How can the use this material? How can they add meaning and value to it? And how do they deal with the fact that this material is almost always politically charged?

After the presentations by documentary makers Eyal Sivan, Sean McAllister (UK) and John Appel, there will be a panel discussion between them and Dutch documentary makers Marije Meerman and Suzanne Raes, moderated by Mieke Bernink.

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'History, linearity and montage'
Eyal Sivan in conversation with his French editor, Audrey Maurion

Wednesday 28 November, 19:30 - 21:30 hrs
Filmacademy Cinema

Maurion has edited all Sivan's films and installations and together they made the film 'I love you all', about the Stasi period in Eastern Germany. Their discussion will focus on the subjects of manipulation, working with archive materials and editing non-lineair stories.

'Framing Perpetrators' - proposal presentation event
8 February 2013
Castrum Peregrini
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Eyal Sivan

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