As part of the Artist in Residency programme of Eyal Sivan, the master students produced Revisit, a short film that was shown at the presentation Sivan gave as a conclusion to his residency under the title 'Framing Perpetrators'.

The idea behind Revisit was telling a different version of the same story, going back and trying to reposition the camera, framing not a close-up of the victim but of the perpetrator. This short film is based on the idea of memory and interpretation, questioning in a way what people choose to remember from the past and what they decide to conserve as a historical moment.

We interviewed tourists queueing for Anne Frank’s house asking about their memories of the second world war and we used their answers in order to tell the story of commander Albert Konrad Gemmeker. While visiting Camp Westerbork  we came across an abandoned site and the commander’s former house which was literally falling apart. We used the images of the current state of the house and we placed them together with pictures of Gemmeker we found on the website of Camp Westerbork. These pictures seem to be taken form a family album, showing the life of those on the other side of the barbed wire celebrating Christmas or playing in the snow, as if there was nothing bad happening outside the comfort of their home.

Anca Oproiu

the makers

Revisit was made by Maria Ångerman, Luiza Faga Ribeiro do Valle, Gwen Nieuwenhuize, Anca Oproiu, Jack Faber, Agnese Cordelio and Balint Mark Turi together with Eyal Sivan.