According to artist, filmmaker and researcher Lonnie van Brummelen, artistic research ‘is not a discipline but a mentality’. In order to further stimulate this mentality at the academy, a laboratory has been created, led by the research group, where teachers can also conduct research. 

An artistic haven where they can explore new trends, techniques and insights.

The LAB offers an environment where the new and hitherto unknown can be explored, where there is space to push back and break through boundaries. It was born from two related desires: the desire to create a place for permanent innovation in the Film Academy and the desire to carry out more research as a university of applied sciences.

The LAB has three functions: it is a research facility, a testing ground and a platform for exchange. Led by the Film research group, the Film Academy creates various research projects in which students, teachers and professionals in the field work and experiment together. The aim of this research is to renew the academy's teaching and to fulfil a role in film and media by acting as a think tank and a platform for innovation. Team and editors

In recent years, there have been calls for short-term research projects within a jointly set but broad theme. Teachers were invited to respond to these calls. A committee of internal and external experts assessed the proposals on their relevance for the teaching or the sector, on their feasibility and the dissemination of the results. Plans are being developed to open the calls to students as well as teachers, to organise an annual academy-wide research week and to seek out more collaboration with external parties.

2016 LAB projects